Sentô is a collection of clothes and accessories designed in Paris made in India by crafts makers with traditional skills only.


Sentô jackets and vests are made from extraordinary ancient fabrics called Kanthas.


The Khadi is a fabric whose yarn is spun on spinning wheels and the woven by hand on wooden looms.


The art of weaving Jamdani, originally from Bengal and estimated to be more than 2,000 years old, has been declared as a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

Block Print

These are engraved wooden stamps that are used to print the block print fabrics, it is undoubtedly the oldest printing technique.


Woven in Punjab, in wool or in cashmere, the scarves comes all in a very big dimension and are incredibly soft.


Sentô pashminas are woven in Srinagar, India, in the state of Kashmir using ancient traditional techniques. The fiber comes from Changra goats that lives at very high altitudes in Ladak or Tibet.

Hand Embroidery

An ancestral Indian know-how: the tradition of embroidery.

Woolen Khadi

Our fabrics in woolen Khadi are made in villages near Bikaner, in Rajasthan.

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