Our Philosophy

this human hand whose value is irreplaceable because it creates what no machine can bring: the poetry of life

Sentô claims artisanal fashion, traditional techniques that respect the environment.

Sophie Escojido is a stylist and after working for many renowned houses for many years, she launched her own brand in 2012.

Deciding to radically change the way of working, she created the Sentô brand, collaborating only with craftsmen, highlighting their know-how.

It is in India, country that the designer particularly loves and where the textile craftsmanship is infinite, that the collection is made. If the brand has become known for its sublime jackets, made in old fabrics called Kanthas, the collection has been enriched over the years with several other equally emblematic pieces. White Khadi shirts, blouses in Jamdani, hand-embroidered Kashmir scarves, block print dresses are all brand must-have.

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